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When setting up an internet site or application below your own domain, it is probably that you’ll also need a mail server to deal with the domain’s incoming and outgoing email. If you really need to run your own mail server, we have a couple tutorials on the subject. While it’s possible to run your own mail server, it’s often not the ideal solution for an assortment of factors. Now you know why you most likely do not need to run your own mail server, here are a few alternatives.

Email hosting plans are a simple way to find a more efficient and trustworthy support. To utilize IMAP email, you need to have an email plan which supports IMAP. It’s possible to use an email hosting plan to effectively change out your internet host’s service, or you could try one without having any hosting whatsoever.

If you just require email sent to your domain to be forwarded to a different email address, you don’t require total email hosting but instead only an email forwarding support. Self-hosting your email is a complex undertaking. If you’ve got IMAP-enabled Workspace email, you may set this up in just about any email client, on whatever computer or device you desire.

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